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Splash, LLC Rules and Procedures

Updated Rules effective July 19th, 2019

Pool  rules and procedures are established for everyone’s safety. Parents and  or Guardians are responsible for the supervision of their children.  Lifeguards are responsible for ensuring the safety of the members and  their guests and any guests of Splash Club who enter the facility by  preventing and responding to emergencies. Therefore, anyone entering the  pool is personally responsible.  Failure to follow rules and procedures  may result in bodily harm.  Additional rules may be added at any time  for your protection and are subject to change.  Thank you for your  cooperation.

Pool Rules and Admission of Individuals to Club Property

Admission to the pool shall be limited to members in good standing and their guests.
No  person under the age of 13 may be admitted to, or remain in, the pool  area  unless accompanied by a guardian over the age of 15.
Admission  to the pool shall be refused to all persons having a contagious disease,  infection, or condition which, in the Management’s sole discretion,  presents a risk to the health and safety of others.
No outside restaurant (i.e – pizza boxes, fast food) permitted on pool grounds.
Bands  are non-transferable.  If you pass bands back or give bands to someone  other than the members on the membership your membership will be revoked  (no refund).
Appropriate swimming apparel must be worn in the pool, as determined by the Management.
The pool may be closed for maintenance, heath conditions, weather, or any other reason deemed necessary by the Management.
Pool memberships are non-refundable or transferable.
Towels are for use by those who purchased a seasonal towel membership only.  They are not for members or guests.  
Any person entering Club property agrees to be bound by the Club Rules.
Only  four guests per membership permitted daily.  Guest are not allowed on  holidays, member appreciation day or special events unless noted. 
No outside chairs or umbrellas permitted
Dining area is only to be used for food purchased from the Wave Restaurant.
Food is not permitted within five feet of the pool water.

Use of the Pool and Pool Deck

Parents/Guardians are responsible for the supervision and safety of their children at all times.
Diving shall not be permitted in water less than 5 feet in depth.
“Breath Holding” games or contests are not allowed. Prolonged underwater swimming is not allowed.
Non-swimmers should wear an approved PFD or life jacket.
Swimming shall not be permitted in the diving area unless the lifeguard has closed the entire area to diving.
Running, rough play, piggyback games or horse play shall not be permitted in the pool area.
Frisbees, hard balls, and water guns will not be permitted in the pool area.
Do not hang or sit on the lane lines.
The  use of inflatable tubes and rafts in the pool is prohibited, with the  exception of baby floats, noodles, or wearable PFDs used with adult  supervision.
Children who are not potty trained must wear swim diapers to enter the pool.
The consumption of food in the pool is not permitted.
No food is allowed within 10 feet of pools edge.

No cups, cans or containers are allowed within 5 feet of the pools edge. 

Use of Lap Lanes

Floating  lines are used to establish lap lanes in the pool. These lanes are  reserved for continuous lap swimming only unless guests are notified by  Management
Lap lanes are guaranteed to be available during all hours outside of swim lessons or swim team practice on weekdays.

Use of the Diving Board

Sitting on the diving board is not permitted.
Standing  on the diving board is permitted only in preparation for a dive. Only  one person at a time may stand on the diving board.
When diving from the board, only one jump is permitted. Double bounces are not allowed.
Diving shall only be permitted from the end of the diving board, not from the sides of the board.
After diving, the swimmer shall immediately proceed to the side of the pool nearest and diving board and exit the pool.
No flotation devices are permitted on diving boards.
Non-swimmers  shall not be permitted to dive or to swim in the diving section.  Parents may not catch children off of the diving boards.
Running or horse play shall not be permitted on or around the diving board.
The diving board may be closed at certain times at the discretion of pool staff to ensure pool safety.

Behavior of Individuals on Club Property

The  Management and lifeguards have authority to enforce all Club Rules, and  may command any individual on Club property to comply with the Rules.
The  lifeguards shall be treated with respect at all times. Disrespect or  disobeying the commands of a lifeguard shall result in removal from Club  Property.
No glass items shall be permitted on Club Property.
No dogs or other pets shall be permitted in the pool area.
No  smoking, vaping, or use of tobacco products is allowed within the  fenced-in area of the Club, in the bathhouse, or within 20 feet of the  steps or ramp leading to the main entrance.
Use of smoking, vaping, or tobacco products is allowed in designated smoking area of the Club.

No cups, cans, containers are permitted within 5 feet of pool water. 
Use of Drugs is prohibited. Membership will be revoked.
Personal conduct in and around the Club shall be such that the safety of the individual and others are not jeopardized.
All trash and recyclable items shall be placed in the appropriate receptacles. Littering on Club Property is prohibited.
Damage  to Pool Property, including, but not limited to, landscaping,  furniture, buildings, appliances, sporting equipment, etc. shall not be  permitted. Any person who damages Club Property by their intentional,  reckless, or negligent action shall reimburse the Club for the cost of  repair or replacement of the damaged item, at the discretion of the  Management.

Parents have a duty to supervise their children and  guests as well as any guests entering the club at all times while on  Club Property. Damage to Club Property resulting from the willful act of  a minor shall be the sole responsibility of any parent or guardian of  the minor who was present on Club Property at the time of the act.
Running and rough play shall not be permitted at any time.

Use of Club-owned Sporting Equipment

The  Club makes a reasonable effort to provide sporting equipment for ping  pong, basketball, wiffleball, baggo, and kickball. This equipment may be  borrowed by Members in good standing and their guests.
The sporting equipment shall be kept in designated area by the Management and provided to Members or guests upon request.

Use of Reserved Areas

The  following areas of the Club Property may be reserved for private  parties: Pavilion; Arcade/Gaming Rooms; Basketball Court, Cabana and  Grassy Area. No other area of the Club Property may be reserved for the  exclusive use of a private party.
Only members in good standing may place a reservation for a Reserved Area.
A member may not reserve a Reserved Area longer than 4 hours per reservation.
No  reservations are permitted on Memorial Day, July 4th, or Labor Day. At  the discretion of the Management, an existing reservation may be changed  or cancelled as necessary to accommodate a Club-sponsored activity  which is published on the Club calendar.
Prior to the conclusion of  each reservation period, the reserving member must promptly remove all  belongings from the Reserved Area. All trash and recyclables must be  placed in the appropriate receptacle.

Admission of Guests and Private Parties

Members of the Club in good standing may bring guests to the pool, subject to the guest fees determined by the Management.
All  guest fees must be paid at the front registration desk prior to  admission of the guest. Guests who enter without paying will result in  forfeiture of the members membership.  No refunds.
The Member must be continuously present at the Club while their guests are present. No exceptions. 
All members are responsible for their guests and must sign a waiver for any child under the age of 15. 
Maximum of 4 guests per membership daily.  No exceptions. 
Guests  are prohibited from bringing food or beverage into the pool area that  is not purchased from the Club or without prior permission given by the  club.
No food is allowed within 5ft of pools edge.