The  Splash Surfers is a summer swim team for children of all ages up to 18  years old. All children are welcome to join our team regardless of  experience. Our different age groups will be able to learn about the  sport, train hard to become strong, competitive swimmers, and have fun  while doing so. Our season will be 9 consecutive weeks from the End of  May until the beginning of August. We will be competing in a summer swim  league which includes swimming against other swim clubs in our league.  Meets will be broken into JV Meets for our younger swimmers and Varsity  for all age groups on our varsity team. There will be approximately 4-5  JV and 4-5 Varsity meets throughout our season. The last week of July  will be Championships.

2019 Schedule:  Tuesday May 28th – June 14th (Tentative Last day of School) •  4:30pm-5:30pm Middle/High School Students • 5:30pm-6:30pm Elementary  School Students

Summer Practice Schedule:

Group  1: 8:00am - 8:45am Ages 12 and under. The swimmers will be learning to  swim all 4 strokes, IMs, starts and turns. The practice will concentrate  on swimming with great technique. Swimmers will continue to build  endurance through kicking and games. This group will continue to develop  the understanding of swimming terminology.

Group  2: 9:00am - 10:00am Ages 12 and Over. Swimmers will continue to focus  on technique. They will build endurance through kicking, technique work  and training sets. Swimmers will be introduced to training sets that  last 20 to 30 minutes. The swimmers will learn to read the pace clock.  The Platinum swimmer will complete training sets of 45 minutes to an  hour. Training sets’ intensity will increase. Swimmers will develop team  leadership skills including but not limited to supporting younger  swimmers.

*Make up afternoon practices will be offered from 5pm to 6pm on Mondays and Thursdays for all groups*

Pre-team: We will test all swimmers 10 years and younger on the first  day of practice. If they are able to swim 1 full length of the pool and  tread water for 30 seconds they will be placed in a group. If not, we  will conduct two weeks of free lessons and then reevaluate before  placing your child in a practice group. If your swimmer is still not  able to complete the swim test, they will still be a part of our team  but they will be part of our mini team.

Meets:  JV Meets will be Tuesday mornings throughout our summer season. Varsity  Meets will be on Wednesday evenings throughout our summer season.  Championship meets will take place at the end of the season.